All good stories start somewhere…. With Andrew Cliffe Photography, he can make your story come alive, whether that’s a family occasion, event or a wedding. Let him capture your memories which can then be told in future legendary stories.

Andrew Cliffe is able to cover your event or family occasion in Leicestershire or Warwickshire and anywhere in the UK with prior notification.

Andrew Cliffe’s childhood was in Northumberland. A taste for the outdoors, the beach and wooded forests began. Vast open spaces to play and be free in.

Using cameras from an early age, every few years progressing or upgrading. Moving to Leicestershire aged 11, he carried on taking photos but it was not till after University, a real passion for photography began.

Experimenting and trying different ideas out, Andrew states “ I simply had fun taking photos of everything, street photography through to landscapes”

Andrew continued his hobby, before acquiring a DSLR – he attended a few group shoots with models and realised his passion with his camera was for people.

Andrew continued to do parties, special family occasions and weddings for family and friends. He then decided to progress it and to make it become a business. “ You only live once, I believe you have to take the opportunities presented to you.” Andrew invested his wages into lenses and camera bodies but then realised he was losing the art of taking a photo by having such cumbersome equipment. Andrew prefers minimal equipment and dislikes staged, vastly altered images.

Andrew has shot numerous events since then but his passion for people remains, he enjoys putting them at ease and capturing their best moments.





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